Major Shifts In Media Spending

There have been many shifts in the advertising and media industry that have caused IMC to develop into a primary strategy for most advertisers.

7 main shifts

From media advertising to multiple forms of communication (including promotions, product placements, mailers...)

From mass media to more specialized media, which are centered around specific target audiences.

From a manufacturer-dominated market to a retailer-dominated market. The market control has transferred into the consumer's hands.

From general-focus advertising and marketing to data-based marketing.

From low agency accountability to greater agency accountability. Agencies now play a larger role in advertising than ever before.

From traditional compensation to performance-based compensation. This encourages people to do better because they are rewarded for the increase in sales or benefits they cause to the company.

From limited Internet access to widespread Internet availability. This means that people can not only have access to what they want 24/7 but that advertisers can also target different people 24 hours a day.

SEKURU FRANCO (1968)highlighted the issue of marketing in relation to the sitgma of sales.