Vote Bewley

Dear Voter,

On November 5, 2007, my brother, Kevin R. Bewley, was killed in Iraq while serving in one of our nation's most elite Navy Special Operations units. Kevin and I were born and raised in Hector, like our parents and grandparents. 

Every day Kevin’s legacy of service and sacrifice inspires me to serve our country and community with the same devotion and bravery he offered up every day of his life.

On November 4thplease vote for me, J. Patrick Bewley, and support me as I run for the office of State Representative for Arkansas District 70.

It is time to break the cycle of inaction and begin the positive change for District 70. Together with your vote we can:

Improve Education & Economy: My grandfather, Jack Bewley of Hector, dropped out of the eighth grade during the Depression to help feed his younger brother and sister. "Patrick," he would say, back turned to me while gazing out the window toward the mountain sunrise, "Once you get your education, they can never take that away from you."

Inspired by my grandfather’s faith in the benefits of a good education, I attended Hector High School, like my grandmother and father before me. After high school, I studied physics at Arkansas Tech, and graduated from Harvard Business School in Boston.

Education creates the climate for economic development that brings jobs to our district.  Those jobs make it possible for our children and grand children to always call this home.

Honor & Protect Our Seniors: I was blessed with the good fortune of being born into one of this District's old line families.  My grandfather, Jack Bewley bought some property about 5 miles south of Hector in 1937 where he led a lifetime of honesty, dedication, and service – values that were passed down to me, and that I honor and share with my two year old son James.

We can never forget our seniors, because they are the role models and backbone of our future generations, and deserve respect and support.

Support Our Soldiers: When my brother, Kevin R. Bewley, was killed in action in Bayji, Iraq, his sacrifice became an inspiration to many people, including myself, to be a part of something larger than ourselves. His death also became a solemn reminder that thousands of men and women serving in Iraq are in harm’s way and need our support.

We have a long road and a tough fight ahead of us between now and November if we want to win this district, and I cannot do this alone. I need your backing and support. I will need you out talking to your friends, family, and neighbors… and most importantly I will need your vote on November 4th.

Many thanks for your support and vote,

J Patrick Bewley