A quick update (November)

Hello all,

I trust this email finds you well.  I have made a personal commitment to stay better connected to my friends and colleges (whom I don't get to see face to face enough).  To further that goal, what follows is a brief update on what I'm up to personally and professionally.

Insights and Reflections
We have witnessed the begining of another peaceful transition of leadership here in the United States.  The election was won primarly on a message of change.  As I thought about that topic, I was reminded two gurus:

Change is the only constant.
- Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

The second is John P. Kotter, leading thinker on managing large scale change at Harvard Business School.  He offers the following framework for our new president:
  1. Establish a sense of urgency - this one took care of itself, financial markets, Iraq, .....
  2. Form a powerful guiding coalition - bi-partisan cabinet choices will be very important
  3. Create and communicate a vision - TBD
  4. Empower others to act on this vision - TBD
  5. Plan for and create short term wins - TBD
  6. Institutionalize continual improvement - TBD
Things at Acxiom are going well.  We are weathering the economic storm and I expect we will gain some market share as key companies consolidate and expand their positions.  The multi-channel marketing strategy practice that I lead has launched four new offerings:


1.  Multi-Channel Marketing Assessment  -  Provides a third party objective state of the union, prioritized set of recommendations, and a project plan for an organizations multi-channel marketing capabilities

2.  Media Performance Normative Database -  Provides a third party comparative benchmark of how an organization ranks on key media metrics such as cost per unit of media, response rate, and conversion rates

3.  Customer Centricity Migration Model -  Provides a guided organizational change management framework to migrate from a product centric orientation to a customer centric orientation

4.  Media Mix Optimization - Provides a econometric framework for evaluating future media investment options


Since my last update, James (my son) broke his arm on the trampoline.  At 2.5, it really doesn't slow him down that much... but it sure has been exciting for mom and dad!  Everything looks good for the baby on the way.  I will be in Cambridge, MA Jan 25-30th for my first class at M.I.T.

The November election marked one year since my brother was killed in Iraq.  The guys from Navy EODMU11 few the flag at half mast over Camp Kevin Bewley and FOB Speicher.  I've got pictures on my blog of both for those interested.  Let's hope that this election and the next year brings better times for all.

I'm on Twitter and post updates as I travel to different cities.  Keep and eye out and let's get together for coffee or lunch.

I have some new contact information:

email: jpbewley@post.harvard.edu
phone: 678-763-5841

twitter: http://twitter.com/jpbewley

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