Arkansas Mountain Man

While surfing today I randomly came across this site:

Extreme Crabwear

They have created a t-shirt in my brother's honor and the proceeds go to the EOD Wounded Warrior Foundation. VERY COOL!!!

All proceeds from the sale of these shirt will be donated to the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation in Kevin's honor. Kevin Bewley, 27, of Hector, Ark., died Nov. 5, 2007 while responding to an IED call in Sala ad Din province. He was on his second deployment to Iraq. Bewley had been with the Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11, based in Oak Harbor, since August 2005. Kevin Bewley was known for his calm demeanor under pressure. He had the go-get-’em gusto of a professional wrestler, set off by the wild whiskers of a mountain man or a rock-n-roll rebel like Elvis. Kevin Bewley was an American fighting sailor. Kevin Bewley was a warrior. Among warriors Kevin stood out, not because of his stature or his physique, but because of his character, one built on courage and conviction. He trained and supported his teammates with a quiet, focused confidence. His natural curiosity and need to understand how things worked became invaluable traits as he learned the skills to disarm the enemy's deadly devices. He sought out ways to do his job better with less, knowing that sometimes when performing dangerous tasks in a barren desert some 3,000 miles away, he would need to rely on his wits and ingenuity to survive. He quickly became the "go to" guy on his team for technical advice. Technically sound, incredibly focused and unwaveringly brave, Kevin was all a warrior could be. On the day that he was taken from us he did everything correctly. He used his vast knowledge and technical expertise to accomplish his vital mission, to protect innocent civilians and clear the way for his fellow warriors.