Category Level Recommendations - a triggered push

Recently I went into a Best Buy to purchase a high definition Flip video camera for some projects at work. I gave them my Rewards Zone loyalty number as part of my purchase.

My purchase was the trigger event.

Exactly seven days later, I received a "push marketing" campaign via email from Best Buy with recommendations on accessories for my newly purchased Flip video camera.

Best Buy recognized the "trigger" on my Rewards Zone account. I had purchased an anchor product... one that had a high likelihood of attachment purchases and they applied analytics to make recommendations to me about other products that would make my Flip camera experience better.

It is an excellent example of engaging a consumer in a lifecycle marketing campaign.

The drawback? The recommendations were applied at the category level vs. the product level.

Here's what I mean by that: The Flip is in fact a camcorder. It belongs to the "Camcorder" product category. By applying the analytics of recommendation at the category level however, the result was only 2 of 6 recommendations actually fit the Flip camera... the rest generally apply at the category level. If the analytics had been applied at the product or SKU level... all of the recommended accessories would actually work the the Flip Camera I actually purchased.

This is a great example of a marketer moving from Good, to Better... and hopefully in the future to BEST.