Webinar: Spend Less, Get More with Media Mix Optimization

Spend Less, Get More with Media Mix Optimization

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Thursday, January 28 - 12:00PM Eastern

The performance of marketing investments is being scrutinized now more than ever before. At the same time, marketers must choose from a vast—and exponentially growing—number of media and marketing channels to communicate with customers and prospects. These factors are leading many marketers to re-examine the optimal marketing investment mix necessary to reach their most profitable customers with the right products and offers.
In this complimentary 1to1 Webinar, panelists J.P. Bewley and Steve Briley will examine how best to evaluate where to spend marketing dollars, as well as how much to spend, and on what, across the most effective media and channels. They’ll also discuss selecting the right combination of channels, at the right times and cadence across all media and channels to reach the right customers and facilitate their buying decisions.

Our experts will provide advice on:

Recognizing and segmenting your most profitable customers and prospects: About 30 percent of customers deliver the majority of profits, 50 percent add nothing, and 20 percent cost companies money, according to published studies. Marketers need to invest proportionately. This means knowing who your best customers are, so you can determine how much to invest, if anything, and in which channels. Lacking that customer insight can result in overspending on low-value customers and under-spending on those which create the most value.

Break through the noise: Customers have more power, reach, and access to information than ever through the myriad channels available today. Getting relevant messages to these empowered consumers means moving from product-centric to consumer-centric marketing. It also means taking a multichannel approach to marketing; marketers who communicate via just the web or just TV, for example, can lose customers that don’t use that channel.

Forecasting marketing effectiveness across channels: Marketers today need to take a proactive approach to optimizing revenue and minimizing costs. This requires seamlessly executing on marketing through multiple channels. But marketers need a starting point: what’s my goal, which media should we use, which will drive better lift, what can we do to quantify the effects of individual channels, as well as multiple channels used in tandem? Predictive analysis can help answers these questions.